Worth It Farms, LLC

*Utilization for Preservation*

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Welcome to Our Farm!

We "specialize" in animals, especially rare, endangered heritage breeds.
We breed & sell:
  • Ancona Ducks (watched) - No Longer Breeding for Public Sale
  • Cotton Patch Geese (critically endangered)
  • British Guernsey Goats (critically endangered)
  • Blue-eyed White Beveren Rabbits (threatened)
  • Silver Fox Rabbits (Watched)

New Website Coming Soon!

If you've noticed we aren't updating this site as much, it's because we are working hard on our new website. The plan is to have it out by the beginning of the new year. Fingers crossed it all comes together. We are working on adding new breeds in 2020 and expanding our farm product offerings. Keep a close eye out for new and exciting changes!

Blogs Of Note:

Our Waterfowl

We decided to start breeding and selling several breeds of waterfowl because of their status of "critically endangered" according to the Livestock Conservancy. We raise our birds on a pasture-based diet to encourage foraging and natural behavior. We offer pelleted-feed as a supplement in their nighttime runs and oyster shell grit free-choice.


Here are the breed we currently offer:

Cotton Patch Geese