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Our Products

  • Duck Eggs - $6/dz
  • Chicken Eggs - $4/dz

Frequently, our product list changes. To keep up to date, check our Products page often.

Online "YARD SALE"

 Here's what is for sale that doesn't fall under one of the above categories:

Reptile/Snake Equipment


Welcome to Our Farm!

We "specialize" in animals, especially rare, endangered heritage breeds.
We breed & sell:
  • Ancona Ducks (critically endangered)
  • Cotton Patch Geese (critically endangered)
  • Silver Fox Rabbits (threatened)
  • Spanish Goats (watch listed)
  • Euskal Oiloa Chickens (critically endangered - not ALBC-reg.)
  • Swedish Flower Hens (critically endangered - not ALBC-reg.)
  • Australian Black Swans (not endangered, but rare)

NEW FOR 2014!

Our new additions for 2014:

  • Black Swan Cygnets ($600/pair) - Email to Reserve

  • Swedish Flower Chicks & Eggs- order on Poultry Page

  • Spanish Goats  ($175 & up) - All For Sale!

  • Miniature Spotted & Solid Donkeys - Our new Pasture Guardians! 

(Not for sale)


Our Waterfowl

We decided to start breeding and selling several breeds of waterfowl because of their status of "critically endangered" according to the Livestock Conservancy. We raise our birds on a pasture-based diet to encourage foraging and natural behavior. We offer pelleted-feed as a supplement in their nighttime runs and oyster shell grit free-choice.


Here are the breeds we currently offer:

Ancona Ducks

Cotton Patch Geese


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