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British Guernsey Goats


We had a huge buck year!

10 boys total (and only 2 little girls).  Everyone is on a forage/grass-based diet and still producing plenty of milk. (Milk for sale too!) We do not vaccinate, dewormer, castrate, or disbud unless medically necessary. 

Here's what's for sale:

All are sired by Sunrisefield Butterscotch - BG3

(Bluecollar Sunspot X Bluecollar Sugar)

Worth It Farms Sir Barton (BG4) - $300 ($150 unregistered) - HOLD Jenny M.

Out of Bluecollar Sugar

Wide, powerful, and his dam is one of best producers!


Worth It Farms Omaha (BG2) - $400 ($200 unregistered) - HOLD Laura K

Out of Sunrisefield Jordan 

Long, Tall, dark red, twin to beautiful doeling, dam & sister are very "dairy".

Dam is first freshener and giving plenty of milk .


Worth It Farms Gallant Fox (HB2) - $450 - RETAINED

Out of Piru Creek D'Amico

Very upright, "dairy", plenty of capacity to pass onto his daughters, mother's udder is very balanced and nicely attached (especially for a Guernsey), not a super producer, but good for a FF. Honestly, he's our favorite - but don't tell the other boys ;) Will retain for breeding if he doesn't sell.


Worth It Farms Whirlaway (BG1) - $300 ($150 unregistered) -HOLD April

Out of Bluecollar Golddust

HOLTwin, balanced, calm/sweet/personable, his dam has tons of capacity, and stays fat on air (lol). She frequently twins and has raised two boys while milking with no trouble. 

British Guernsey Goats

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