Worth It Farms, LLC

*Utilization for Preservation*

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Welcome to Our Farm!

We "specialize" in animals, especially rare, endangered heritage breeds.
We breed & sell:
  • Ancona Ducks (watched)
  • Cotton Patch Geese (critically endangered)
  • Euskal Oiloa Chickens (critically endangered - not LBC-recog.)
  • British Guernsey Goats (critically endangered)
  • Helmeted Guineas (Not endangered, just very useful)
  • Bulgarian Karackachans (critically endangered)

We are Expecting Puppies!

Our guardians have decided to continue their legacy with a new litter expected on Valentine's Day. The puppies will be KDAA & AKDA registered. Our female is heavy on Mikhail of Beechkeld and our male is from a diverse background out of Running River Ranch. They will be exposed to ALL the critters on the farm with an emphasis on small fowl and goats. They will be born at nearly the same time as our baby goats, so they should have lots of exposure. We ask all potential buyers to fill out a puppy questionnaire, so we can get to know you and what you are looking for. Once you fill it out, please email it back to us. 


Blogs Of Note:

Our Waterfowl

We decided to start breeding and selling several breeds of waterfowl because of their status of "critically endangered" according to the Livestock Conservancy. We raise our birds on a pasture-based diet to encourage foraging and natural behavior. We offer pelleted-feed as a supplement in their nighttime runs and oyster shell grit free-choice.


Here are the breeds we currently offer:

Ancona Ducks

Cotton Patch Geese