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Euskal Oiloa (Basque Hen) Chickens - THE ULTIMATE HOMESTEAD CHICKEN!


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We received our birds in March of 2012 from Skyline Poultry in TN. These chicks were unnaturally friendly and brave. Not scared of anything! They are proving to be an excellent dual purpose breed and wonderful foragers. We added in a single pair from Greenfire Farms in 2014 and kept only 2 pullets to use for the future. Then in 2015, we brought in a small batch of eggs from a private breeder in Michigan. We retained one rooster from that hatch that we used as a sire in 2016. From him, we are using 3 sons in 2017 for our breeding pens. We are working on improving our Marradunas and working towards eliminating the barring for our Zilarra project. For 2018, we plan to split the pens into one for Marraduna and one of experimentals for ou Zilarra project. 


Basque Hen Price List - 2018

Age at Pickup

1-3 Days

4 Days-4 wks

5 wks-8wks

9 wks-15 wks

16 wks-Adult

Price of each Chick





$35 and up


Chicks are sold straight-run until they can be visually sexed (4-6 weeks old). 

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Customer Quotes

"I have to say out of all of the breeders we have purchased from, the birds from your farm have been the healthiest, most vigorous, and friendliest ones we've come across" - R. M.