Worth It Farms, LLC

*Utilization for Preservation*

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Welcome to Our Farm!

We "specialize" in animals, especially rare, endangered heritage breeds.
We breed & sell:
  • Ancona Ducks (watched) - No Longer Breeding for Public Sale
  • Cotton Patch Geese (critically endangered)
  • British Guernsey Goats (critically endangered)
  • Blue-eyed White Beveren Rabbits (threatened)

Blogs Of Note:

Our Waterfowl

We decided to start breeding and selling several breeds of waterfowl because of their status of "critically endangered" according to the Livestock Conservancy. We raise our birds on a pasture-based diet to encourage foraging and natural behavior. We offer pelleted-feed as a supplement in their nighttime runs and oyster shell grit free-choice.


Here are the breed we currently offer:

Cotton Patch Geese