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Beveren Rabbits


From the Livestock Conservancy, "Today’s Beveren is recognized in three color varieties: solid blue, solid black, and a blue-eyed white. The fur has a gentle rollback and the coat should be dense and glossy. Fur length is rather long at 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 inches. This large breed has a pronounced mandolin shape with mature bucks at 8 to 11 pounds and does at 9 to 12 pounds. They are certainly a multi-purpose rabbit used for meat and fur. Litters are large, the young grow fairly fast, and the does are typically docile and make good mothers. The Beveren is a hardy breed that is easily reared in all wire hutches."

We currently breed the blue-eyed white and have been very impressed with the lovely personality of these cuties. Stay tuned for dress weights, litter info!