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Policies & Procedures 

To help ensure everything goes smoothly, we would like to go into more detail of how our system works and what's expected of each "party" in our transactions.

General Information:

We accept cash - in US dollars, check - with a 7-10 day wait period for the bank to give clearance, Paypal - for auto-paid eggs only (3% fee may be assessed), Credit Cards (3% fee will be assessed), and trades -on a case-by-case basis.  

How to Pay:

  • Cash - in person only. Do NOT send cash in the mail.
  • Check - through the mail only. 7-10 day wait period required.
  • Credit Card -You may use your credit card to directly pay the Wave invoice sent to you. Or you may set up a phone call with us to pay with your card over the phone. We will use our invoicing program to run your card and can send you a receipt if desired.  (Credit cards fees are non-refundable per their rules, not ours).
 REMEMBER: We are more of a "Made-To-Order" facility, than a "Convenience Store". We do not have 100's of birds in all possible ages and colors, ready to go at any moment the instant someone orders. We are family farm with a handful of birds that we raise for the love of the breed. We breed for quality not quantity. ::steps off soapbox::

Hatching Eggs

As is usual with hatching eggs (specifically shipped ones), we can offer NO guarantee that the eggs will arrive safely or within the USPS "estimated" time. We have no control over treatment during shipping. We offer no guarantees of any kind, implied or stated, with our hatching eggs. Way too many variables come into play with hatching eggs. We DO offer alternative shipping options to add to the egg's safety, such as :
USPS Express Mail - price varies
FedEx 2nd Day -price varies
FedEx 2nd Day AM - prices varies
Heat Packs/Ice Packs - $5.00
Insulated Boxes (holds 1 dozen) - $5.00
Combined Shipping
We, also, DO offer Live Arrival Guarantee for our ducklings!
Email us BEFORE buying to request any of these changes.

Poultry/Waterfowl Orders

How it works in a Perfect World:

1. Customer places order on our Waterfowl page in the order form for 12 ducklings.
2. We receive order same-day and calculate shipping.
3. We send invoice to customer instantaneously.
4. Customer pays the invoice immediately.
5. We collect 12 eggs from the field, clean them, and immediately place them in an incubator. We send daily updates to all customers who ordered that day showing them exactly which ducklings will soon be theirs. 
6. We incubate the eggs for exactly 28 days, with no infertiles, no early deaths, no rotten eggs exploding, no losses at all. 
7. As ducklings hatch on exactly the 28th day and as every egg placed in the incubator hatches perfectly at the same time, we seperate them into evenly distributed colored, sexed bunches for shipment.
8. Within 1 hour of hatching, all ducklings are packaged up, labels are printed, and they are dropped off at the Post Office for shipment. And customers are notified by email that their shipment is coming.
9. Within 1 day, ducklings will arrive at the local Post Office. The customer will receive a phone call to let them know they've arrived.
10.  The customer picks them up from the Post Office and checks on their condition IN FRONT OF the Post Office employees and of course all are 100% healthy, happy, friendly, and well-trained (they even know how to "SIT" on command!) 
11. They are escorted to their new home by their new, happy family to live happily ever after. 


Though we try our best to have everything run as smoothly as above, this is not a Perfect World and Mother Nature has typically has her own plan. 

Priority Mail Service:
*  The shipment is sent by Priority Mail (typically 2-3 days).

*  Basic tracking available.

*   This shipment is insured (up to $50). If you would like more insurance, please say so in order form.


Express Mail Service:

*  The shipment is sent by Priority Express Mail (typically 1-2 days.)

*  Tracking service is available through the USPS or on their website for Express Mail Service.

*  The shipment is insured (up to $100). If you would like more insurance, please say so in order form.


- Insured Shipments: If damaged or lost, you may file a claim with the Post Office by contacting them with proof of damage and any other information requested on the form. If you need any information from us to file, we are happy to provide it. (Postage is non-refundable per Post Office rules, not ours.)

- Payment for poultry/waterfowl is non-refundable, once eggs are set for incubation. 

- Orders are filled in the order they are received. Please understand that we are a working farm and don't have much spare time on hand. We can typically only give a rough estimate (ie. between March-May) as to when your order will be ready for shipment. If there is certain date you cannot accept your shipment, please let us know when you order, so we can  try to work around that. Otherwise, we give no guarantees of when orders will be filled. 

- For eggs: Check to be sure the address on your order form and your Paypal address is the same (correct it on Paypal if it is not). We will ONLY send shipments to the address listed on Paypal, so that all parties are protected.

- Heat Packs, ice packs, and/or Gro-gel can be added to any order for $5.00 per addition. 

Live Arrival Guarantee

To help ensure the continued survival of these endangered breeds, we would like to see everyone who orders them succeed in raising them. This includes giving them the best possible chance to do that, even if they are shipped. We guarantee that the number of chicks/ducklings/goslings/cygnets you paid for will arrive alive. We may choose to send extras to be sure to meet that number, but we do not guarantee that we will.  This only applies if you pick up your shipment within 6 hours of it's arrival at your Post Office OR by closing time the day they arrive at your Post Office, whichever is shorter.  And, this doesn't apply to any delays by USPS, acts of God, or other unforeseen circumstances. If the accurate amount do not arrive live, your money will be refunded or we will send you another shipment to fulfill your order. To receive this refund or reimbursement, you must open the package IN FRONT OF the employees at the Post Office, show them any dead chicks/ducklings/goslings/cygnets, and obtain proof from the PO that they are "Dead On Arrival". If you have ANY questions, email us Worth It Farms @ gmail.com before you order. 

Duckling Orders


Preferred: 10 ducklings

-this is preferred because of the warmth and security needed for them to survive. *Live Arrival Guaranteed* - see above for more details. 

Bare Minimum: 3 ducklings 

-shipping less than the preferred number requires you pay for Express Mail postage, a heat pack, and the Live Arrival Guarantee does NOT apply. 


-Duckling orders may be combined with chick OR gosling orders to reach the "preferred" number needed to safely ship. 

-Ducklings are sold as straight-run only until they are fully feathered. (roughly 9-10 wks old)

-We cannot guarantee any certain color or pattern, but if you would like a variety or have a preference of a single color, we can try to accommodate that.

Chick Orders


Preferred: 10 chicks

-this is preferred because of the warmth and security needed for them to survive. *Live Arrival Guaranteed* - see below for more details.

Bare Minimum: 5 chicks

-shipping less than the preferred number requires you pay for Express Mail postage, a heat pack, and the Live Arrival Guarantee does NOT apply.


-Chick orders may be combined with duck orders or guinea orders.

-Chicks are sold straight-run only until they are old enough to sex by comb/size (4-6 wks old). 

-Price is determined by age of pickup or shipping. 

-We cannot guarantee any certain color or pattern, however if you have a preference we can try to accommodate that. We are working towards Zilarra, so there are a lot of colors that will pop up.


Goslings Orders


Preferred- 6 goslings

-Includes our *Live Arrival Guarantee*

Bare Minimum- 2 goslings

-This order requires a heat pack to be purchased (+$5.00)

  • All gosling orders will be sent USPS Express Mail ONLY. You may pick-up on farm, but no Priority Mail.
  • Each box can hold up to 8 goslings. 
  • Cotton Patch Geese come in sexed pairs only. (if any "extras" are available, we will contact you before sending anything other than sexed pairs)
  • While we can attempt to get you colors or patterns you prefer, we cannot guarantee either. 
  • Gosling orders may be combined with duckling or cygnet orders, but NOT chick or guinea orders.


As it states above, once eggs are set, no refunds are allowed. We may choose to issue a refund after "setting", if we feel the fault is ours. 

Types of Refunds:

(How you paid - How you will receive a refund)

Check - Business Check

Credit Card (within 30 days of payment) - Same Credit Card (issued through invoicing program)

Credit Card (after 30 days from payment) - Business Check (minus the credit card fee, which is non-refundable)

PayPal (within 30 days of payment) - Same PayPal account (issued through PayPal)

PayPal (after 30 days from payment) - Business Check (minus the PayPal fee, which is non-refundable)


All Business Checks will be mailed to the address provided for shipment.