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Heritage Cotton Patch Geese






I have been getting loads of people asking questions about where our geese came from and their bloodlines (which is excellent that people are seeking those answers from breeders), so I thought I'd add to our site our story with our Cotton Patch Geese. I'll update it as I remember details.​

WIF Cotton Patch Goose History

  • Spring 2018 Breeding Group: 
    • Ricky - 2007? Solid Gander
    • Suzy 2 - 2011 Solid Goose
    • Gladys - 2012 Pied Goose
    • Otis - 2014 Pied Gander
    • Ora - 2014 Pied Goose
    • Virgil - 2015 Pied Gander
    • Leroy - 2015 Solid Gander
    • Doris - 2017 Pied Goose
    • Fannie - 2017 Pied Goose
  • Spring 2019 Breeding Group:
    • Ricky is still around but not breeding
    • We will have 8 females (5 experienced, 3 first timers)
    • Along with 4 males (2 experienced, 2 pied newbies from a different farm)
    • More detailed info coming up. 

CTP Gosling Price List - 2019

Age at Pickup

1-3 Days

4 Days-4 wks

5 wks-8wks

9 wks-15 wks

16 wks-Adult

Price of each Gosling


$55 -$65.00

$75 -$80.00


$100 & Up

Goslings are sold in pairs only (typically 1 male, 1 female). Price is based on age of pickup/shipping.

Reservations will be placed in the order payment is received.

Live Arrival Guarantee for our goslings!

FOR DETAILS: See our Policies & Procedures page. 

** If you are interested in/are breeding the Cotton Patch Goose (CTP) and would like to join in with breeders and fanciers on Facebook, please let us know. We are starting a Cotton Patch Goose Association. We would love to have as many as possible join the group. Here's a link to it: http://www.facebook.com/groups/CottonPatchGooseBreeders/**

Cotton Patch Gosling Order - 2019

Method of Delivery:

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