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I have been getting loads of people asking questions about where our geese came from and their bloodlines (which is excellent that people are seeking those answers from breeders), so I thought I'd add to our site our story with our Cotton Patch Geese. I'll update it as I remember details.

  • End of 2009, we drove to Mississippi and picked up an adult pair of Cotton Patch geese from Mark See. We named them Ricky & Lucy. They are pictured above - the two largest pictures. 
  • Spring of 2010, Ricky & Lucy hatched 10 beautiful babies (we suspect some were pied, but had no knowledge of how to tell at the time and no one to ask), but unfortunately they all drowned before they feathered out (it was our fault, water tub was too big). 
  • Spring of 2011, Ricky & Lucy hatched another batch of 6 (3 females, 3 males) and we kept all the females, but one - she didn't physically fit with the breed standard as we knew it. That summer our adult goose, Lucy, was killed by a loose neighborhood dog. In the fall, we moved from Alabama to Atlanta, GA and brought the 3 CTP with us (Ricky, Suzy Q, and her unnamed sister). We realized we had the space now and needed extra birds, so we ordered 10 from Flip Flop Ranch (Tom Walker's line). 
  • Spring of 2012, Ricky decides to pair up with his daughter, Suzy Q, and they hatched out 6 goslings (2 females - one named Squeaks, 4 males). 2 of the males drowned - freak accident. His two daughters laid 11 eggs initially and intended to sit them, but a tiny fox figured out that goose eggs were delicious and ate them before we could protect them. Suzy kept laying and that's where the goslings came from. Our Flip Flop Ranch babies arrived and grew up with our 4 Mark See line babies. That brought us up to 6 Mark See line and 10 Tom Walker line. Fall of 2012, for an unknown reason, we found Suzy dead in the field. There weren't any obvious reasons for her death then or now. Ever since that tragic lose Ricky has refused to pair with a goose - he always picks one of his young sons to pal around with. 
  •  Spring of 2013, we had a LOT of eggs and pairings. Squeaks (Suzy's daughter - Ricky's granddaughter and daughter) paired with one of the Walker ganders and sat a nest most of the way through. When she stopped, we incubated the eggs. Most of the Walker birds sat their nest and the ones that didn't or that gave up too early had their eggs pulled and incubated - not sitting is typical of yearlings. We hatched about 30 babies and shipped around 10 hatching eggs that year and had no idea who was pairing with whom. Just too much chaos for us two humans to keep up. The fox came back and snatched a few, but after rewiring and electrifying most of the fence, we stopped her. Plus, we picked up 3 mini donkeys and that has kept her away. We also traded one juvenile solid gander for a juvenile solid goose from our friend Michelle Moran in Blue Ridge, GA. She had all Walker birds at the time.
  • Spring of 2014, we incubated 90% of the eggs. The geese that were allowed to set, did so very well. We hatched around 60 babies - which is what we expected from pulling daily and incubating. Again, we traded with Michelle Moran, this time we got a saddleback/pied gander from her. Fall of 2014, we sold all, but one, of our 100% Tom Walker birds, and kept back a few Walker/See mixes because they are pied. 
  • Spring 2015, we currently have 14 CTP:
    • Ricky - 100% Mark See
    • Suzy's sister - called Suzy 2 - 100% Mark See
    • Otis - Yearling saddleback/pied gander from Michelle - 50% Walker/50% Mark See
    • Gladys - 2012 saddleback goose - 100% Walker
    • Ora & Ida - Yearling saddleback geese (daughters of Gladys) - 50% Walker/50% Mark See
    • 4 Solid ganders - 100% Mark See
    • 4 Solid geese - 100% Mark See (one of which has marbled eyes)
  •   If we are lucky, we can split the breeding groups up into pieds/saddleback and solid. But, seeing as cash is a VERY limited commodity on any farm, it may have to wait until next year. Luckily, these geese live and breed for 15-20+ years!
  • End of 2015 Update: We have sold down most of our flock.
  • Spring 2016:
    • Ricky - whom we doubt will do much of anything other than "oversee" the goslings ;)
    • Suzy 2 - She is a faithful layer, but very overweight this year (no time to plant grass so tons of supplemental feeding), poor thing
    • Otis
    • Gladys
    • Ora & Ida
    • Virgil - 2015 pied gander (son of Gladys)
    • Leroy - 2015 "Buff-Hatchling" solid gander (son of Gladys)
    • And 2 extra 2015 solid ganders we haven't had a chance to eat and will live with ducks for Spring. 
  • End of 2016: Sold 2 extra ganders, moved to new location.
  • Spring 2017:
    • Ricky - Solid, pied carrier - See line
    • Suzy 2 - Solid - See line
    • Otis - Walker/See line
    • Gladys - Walker line
    • Ora & Ida - Walker/See line (Ida passed away May 2017)
    • Virgil - mostly Walker line - pink/orange bill
    • Leroy - mostly Walker line 

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** If you are interested in/are breeding the Cotton Patch Goose (CTP) and would like to join in with breeders and fanciers on Facebook, please let us know. We are starting a Cotton Patch Goose Association. We would love to have as many as possible join the group. Here's a link to it: http://www.facebook.com/groups/CottonPatchGooseBreeders/**


Note for 2018: We are strongly considering not selling any goslings in 2018. We would like to build our flock now that we have a larger pasture for them.

Therefore, place your orders with the knowledge you may be ordering for 2019 instead of 2018. 

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