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Heritage Cotton Patch Geese






I have been getting loads of people asking questions about where our geese came from and their bloodlines (which is excellent that people are seeking those answers from breeders), so I thought I'd add to our site our story with our Cotton Patch Geese. I'll update it as I remember details.​

WIF Cotton Patch Goose History

  • Spring 2018 Breeding Group: 
    • Ricky - 2007? Solid Gander
    • Suzy 2 - 2011 Solid Goose
    • Gladys - 2012 Pied Goose
    • Otis - 2014 Pied Gander
    • Ora - 2014 Pied Goose
    • Virgil - 2015 Pied Gander
    • Leroy - 2015 Solid Gander
    • Doris - 2017 Pied Goose
    • Fannie - 2017 Pied Goose
  • Spring 2019 Breeding Group:
    • Ricky is still around but not breeding
    • We will have 8 females (5 experienced, 3 first timers)
    • Along with 4 males (2 experienced, 2 pied newbies from a different farm)
    • More detailed info coming up. 

CTP Gosling Price List - 2019

Age at Pickup

1-3 Days

4 Days-4 wks

5 wks-8wks

9 wks-15 wks

16 wks-Adult

Price of each Gosling


$55 -$65.00

$75 -$80.00


$100 & Up

Goslings are sold in pairs only (typically 1 male, 1 female). Price is based on age of pickup/shipping.

Reservations will be placed in the order payment is received.

Live Arrival Guarantee for our goslings!

SOLD OUT FOR 2019!! Thanks to all of our customers!

Whole butchered CTP goose still available, email for details. 

FOR DETAILS: See our Policies & Procedures page. 

** If you are interested in/are breeding the Cotton Patch Goose (CTP) and would like to join in with breeders and fanciers on Facebook, please let us know. We are starting a Cotton Patch Goose Association. We would love to have as many as possible join the group. Here's a link to it: http://www.facebook.com/groups/CottonPatchGooseBreeders/**

Cotton Patch Gosling Order - 2020

Method of Delivery:

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